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 How to make a simple siggy

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PostSubject: How to make a simple siggy   Thu May 07, 2009 9:58 pm

This is how to make a crappy and simple siggy =)

What Programmes Can I Use?
Essentially any image editing programme including Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and even MS Paint! You can download free trials of any of these simply by searching Google, but there are some free ones out there. This guide is teaching you how to make them in Paint.

What Equipment Will I Need?
Microsoft Paint, Screenies* and a good eye for making Siggys.

*= If you don't know how to take screenies, please click here.

The Guide
First off all, take your screenshot. The one I am going to be using is here. and then open it up in MS Paint.

Step One: Cropping
> Go to the icon that is a little dotted square.
> Click on a place where you want the right hand corner to be.
> Drag a dotted box around the area you want your siggy to be, and right click it.
> Select 'Cut'

> Paste the selected bit into a new paint page and close the old one.

Step Two: Adding a Border
> Zoom In to the image. It should be small enough that after one zoom you can see it all.
> Select the solid square Icon.
> Select the size, you want it quite thick as its a border.
> Pick your colour.
> Drag the box to the around the edge of your image.

> Add a second, different coloured border if you like like I did below.

Step Three: Decoration
You can add other little screenies if you like by following the steps above but on a smaller scale, like this:

Another thing you can do is add pretty things from the internet as long as they are not copyrighted.
Say I wanted to add this:

First I would make sure there is NO tick by the 'Draw Opaque' tab.

I would copy the image and then paste it into my paint document, resize it and place it where I wanted to be.
Tip: Use Image > Flip/Rotate if you want to do either of those.
In this case I went around it with the paint tool to give it a hand-made feel to it.

Step Four: Text
Part One: Fonts.
You can use the fonts already installed into your computer to add your name, but frankly I find these boring so I went to a font download site ( and found a font I liked ('WindSong') and opened the file containing the font.
Note: You must have the file open to be able to use the font (if downloaded)

Part Two: Text
> Include things such as Name, Server, Level, Fighter, Guild etc.
> Make your name quite big so people know who you are.
> Don't clutter it up with text. Place it where it looks best.


Step Five: Uploading
Now all you have to do is get that picture into your siggy.
> Save it as siggy.png (Not JPG!) it will give it better quality.
> Go to a site such as and upload the picture.
> Go to the forums > Options > Edit Signature.
> Input this code and put in the URL the site gives you such as
> Use the CENTER tab if you like, and add other text beneath that you couldn't add in below. And you're done

I hope this helped anyone who needed it
- Saturne, 2008.

Here are some examples of Siggy's done in paint for inspiration.

Mini Siggy FAQs

How do I remove the white space?]
Select the dotted box tool and drag it over the siggy (Not over the white space!) then copy and paste this into a new canvas, then save!
Need more help? Click Here

How do I turn text into a link for my siggy?
Remove the spaces:
[URL =link here]Normal Text[/ Url]

not my tut, for example images go to

Hope this helped, heres an example i made in 5 min

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Number of posts : 30
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Registration date : 2009-04-02

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PostSubject: BTW   Thu May 07, 2009 10:00 pm

by the way, i used photo shop for the example =P photo shop is a little easier to put in the font and it goes exactly where u want it =)
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How to make a simple siggy
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