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 tired of winrar? heres a better thing

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PostSubject: tired of winrar? heres a better thing   Thu May 07, 2009 10:33 pm

We all get tired about winrar eventually... sometimes you cant find it and sometimes its just too complicated... well I got a solution! Get ExtractNow Its wat i am using and it is totally dependable and easy to use I mean, u drag in the file and press "extract" its that simple =D its so easy! its a tiny little box that doesnt take up as mutch space as winrar! heres the link, ohh and did i mention it was COMPLETELY FREE!?!?!? NO TRIAL EITHER FULL VERSION VERYY FAST TO DOWNLOAD =D NOW YOU WONT HAVE TO TAKE COUNTLESS HOURS OR MINUTES TRYING TO FIND AN EXTRACTOR!!!

the link is at the very bottom of the page so u dun have to read anything
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tired of winrar? heres a better thing
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